Electro Power presents continuous move pivot irrigation technology!
A compact variable frequency drive package that adapts to A/C motor driven pivot systems allowing the pivot to move gently at a constant speed unlike the jerk start/stop systems in use today. Also includes GoFast!– our revolutionary double speed performance mode.

by Electro Power LLC is the universal retrofit package that uses the OEM percent timer signal to control the speed of the “C” tower.

The “A” & “B” towers simply follow its lead in a smooth even motion around the field. It also adds the ability of GoFAST mode to increase to double speed (or higher dependent upon center drive ratio selection).
GoFAST mode is a great solution for more universal watering of:

  • Large Sand fields in hotter climates
  • Fields with split areas of clay and sand
  • Quicker germination to minimize seed loss
  • Works with Center Pivots & Linear Systems

GoFastLogo package is designed for easy integration with both new and existing equipment with minimal wiring and modification.

GoFastLogo can improve any electric pivot regardless of brand.

Traditional “Jerk” start OEM pivot controls are maintained for backup in case of any equipment malfunction. All other safeties such as Overwatering Timer remain fully operable in either traditional or GoFAST mode.

Benefits include:

  • Modern VFD motor control
  • Optimized water and chemigation uniformity
  • Great for frost protection
  • Reduce mechanical drive train wear
  • Reduced motor strain
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Proven to work through areas where traditional modes get stuck
  • Self Correcting String-Straight alignment
  • Reduced run time on linear systems
  • Speeds up to 105ft/min (drivetrain dependent)
  • Redundant drive controls to minimize downtime
  • Ideal for more germinating Carrots, Onions, Alfalfa, and more


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